Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Messages in Graduation Speeches

Graduation speeches are the peak of a commencement ceremony. Apart from humorous jokes and famous celebrities coming to your high school and college there are some great lessons to take home and on the journey to higher things. Here's a gist of what famous people have said in their commencement speeches to the graduates.

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“Find what you love.” -- Steve Jobs at Standford University, 2005

“Listen to your heart.” -- Thomas L. Friedman at Williams College, 2005

“Be your own story.” -- Toni Morrison at Wellesley College, 2004

“Fly, Eagle, Fly!” -- Desmond Tutu at Brandeis University, 200

“Learning and respect.” -- Elie Wiesel at DePaul University, 1997

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If you want to read the complete speeches – which I recommend you doing so you can read them at Commencement Speeches from Humanity.org.

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