Sunday, April 22, 2007

After the Graduation -- saying 'Thank You'

So you've had your graduation creemony and your graduation party. Now what? Are you thinking of sending thank you notes to those who gave you graduation gifts, came to your party or graduation ceremony? Well, here's what you can do --

1) Thank people by using an informal stationery -- a formal one is not really necessary. But just because it doesn't have to be on a formal stationery doesn't mean that you grab any paper you see and scribble down a note. There are

2) Make specific reference to the subject of the note, like "Thanks for the iPod."

3) Send thank you notes if -

  • someone hosted a graduation party for you.
  • for graduation gifts received over the mail. Even if you received gifts in person and have thanked them, it's still nice to send a note.
  • you've received notes of gifts congratulating you.
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4) Send your thank you notes as soon as possible.

5) Personalize your notes as much as possible -- DON'T print them in advance and distribute them after your graduation party. It not only convey the fact that you're doing it just for the formality, it's also insulting.

6) Don't forget to thank all the teachers, professors, guidance counselors, coaches, and friends who have helped you along the way to reach to your graduation.

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