Thursday, April 12, 2007

Graduation Gifts: Candles

Receiving a graduation announcement sometimes mean that you should give a gift to the graduate. When it comes to even normal gifts like birthday or anniversary gifts we wreck our brains trying to figure out what we have to give. So what do we give when it comes to graduation?!

Ronnie Halsema of Zionsville Candle Company has the perfect solution. Give candles -- and not just any candles, it's environmentally safe and organic. Zionsville Candle Company makes candles that are based out of oil. So if the graduate is into environmental protection or is conscious about organic products it's the perfect gift. If the graduate is not into those things then it's time to get educated on organic products out there.

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The best part about Zionsville candles is that they can customize the candle for you and include a name, date, graduation year, picture or any other memento that you'd like to be added. When the wicks burn, they burn off white soot because it's based on soy so it's environmentally safe and friendly. That's a nice thought to have thinking the graduate will be off in his or her new dorm or apartment smelling nice things and not inhale black soot.

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