Monday, April 16, 2007

7 simple things to keep in mind for your graduation party

Graduation date is pretty much decided by the school or the college but what about your graduation party date? Have you picked one yet? There's a couple of things to consider when you're picking the date for your graduation party. You have to consider both your family and your friends and pick a date that's going to work for them and you.

Here's a list of 7 simple things to consider when you're planning your graduation party:

1. How long will it take to prepare for the party and which dates work best for your family?

2. Which dates work best for your relatives? Are they bringing any children who are still in school? Because a lot of towns celebrate all night party just after the graduation ceremony.

3. Are there other parties or events going on around that time? If so when? Check out with your school for end of the year banquets. Talk to your coaches, teachers and advisers for information on other sort of events not listed in your school district calender. Check in with Churches too since churches in your area might be organizing a non-denominational Baccalaureate service.

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4. Graduations taking place in the month of June might clash with weddings so you might be competing for the time from your guests or from the rental and catering services. June is a very busy month with graduation parties and weddings to go to. A lot of your class mates might be having graduation parties on the same weekend as the graduation ceremony.

5. The best way to get excited guests who are not exhausted from attending so many parties is to have your graduation party in May. That way people are fresh and excited to get to the first few graduation parties of the year. You have a lesser chance of clashing with the other parties. You'll also get better choices of caterers and rental companies if you plan your graduation party in May instead of June. Just have a look out for Mother's Day and Memorial Day.

6. Once you know the date, think of the time. Do you want your graduation party to take place in the morning, afternoon or the evening? If you ask me, a classy morning brunch would be ideal -- something great to do over the weekend and you don't have to worry about your friends who drink too much.

7. After you pick the date call up or send a postcard to your relatives or family members who might be out of town so they can plan ahead. You can follow up with a formal invitation later when the date is closer.

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