Sunday, April 15, 2007

Give Your Graduation a Boost

Graduation seem easy for some of us but out of every 10 high school students, chances are 4 won't make it to graduation. You might've seen the PSAs on TV about the teen high school students who were given video cameras to have a journal of their trials in high school in preparation for graduation.

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You can follow their stories at Boost Up's website. It's sponsored by the Ad Council and US Army. You can also go through the other sections like the Gallery to see the messages that other people have posted. There's a resource center in the 'Need Help' section so you can get help with your graduation. You can even Boost your friend for graduation – the site is just a wealth of information to help you, your child or your friend get through high school graduation. Remember having a high school diploma will let you earn more as opposed to not having one.

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