Monday, May 21, 2007

How to take Great Graduation Pictures

aking pictures on Graduation Day is a big deal. If they don't turn out ok, you won't get a second chance at them. Here's a coupe of tips I found on that you can follow --

Prepare properly
Here's a check list from Kodak Canada that you should go through:

  • Fully charge batteries the day before
  • Place a spare set of batteries with the camera
  • Empty the picture card so you get the maximum number of pictures
  • Put the picture card in the camera
  • Bring a spare picture card if you're taking lots of pictures (Or if you're a fast shooter like me.)
  • Bring an accessory telephoto lens
  • Know how to turn on your camera flash for use in bright daylight
  • Take a few pictures and make sure everything is working right
Make sure you check all this a day before at least so you know you have the stuff right.

I'm ready for my close up Mr. DeMille --
Ask the school or the person in charge where you would be able to take pictures. They might have a place for it. Use a telephoto lens or a camera with a good optical zoom lens.

Get Candid
Don't get all photos of people posing, staged or planned. Get into the action, get up close and personal -- you can click pics of graduates hugging family members, dressing in graduation gowns, talking to friends and teachers/professors after the graduation etc. Capture the emotions -- smiles, tears and laughs -- these will be the moments that last forever on film.

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Where's the light?
Remember you're shooting under the May-June sun. When you're shooting out doors, make sure the sun is not directly behind the photographer or the graduate -- you don't want the graduate squinting in pictures or having a black shadow. Have a flash and make sure you have the necessary charge/batteries for it. It'll help with the shadows.

Remember to be in the picture too!
If you're a graduate or family member of the graduate don't forget to be in some of the pictures. Sometimes we get carried away with taking pictures that we forget to be in them. Just remember to be in some of them!

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