Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Who to give graduation announcements and graduation invitations

So you're having a graduation. And the school or college had given or alloted you a couple of invitations. First question is Who are you going to invite?

Your graduation announcements shouldn't be distributed to the whole world. Limit them to close friends and family members. Recently graduation has become commercialized and graduation announcements is viewed as a request for gifts. So you should use the notation "No Gifts Please" in the invitation. If you want to invite others make sure they already know that you, your son or daughter is graduating.

The same rules are applicable for graduation invitations. What's the difference between a 'graduation announcement' and 'graduation invitation'? Graduation invitations include a request for attendance at the ceremony. Graduation announcements only announce the fact that the said person is getting a diploma or a degree.

Graduation announcements are a necessity because a lot of colleges and universities have limits on how many people you can invite that's why they limit the number of tickets to the graduate. These graduation tickets are meant for a selected members of the family or friends -- those who are expected to show up at the ceremony. Think through carefully of who you're going to invite to the graduation ceremony. What if they show up and you don't have tickets for them?

Send graduation invitations only to immediate family and the closest of friends like godparents. What about the rest? Well, now is a good time to have a graduation party so you can invite the rest of those friends.

Stay tuned for the graduation party post!

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