Wednesday, March 21, 2007

5 Questions for Your Graduation Party

graduation party

Graduation is around the corner and you want to party like you've never done. After all you've earned it and it is your big day. So for those of your friends who couldn't attend, why not throw a party and have a good time? Here are 5 simple questions you can ask yourself for your graduation party.

1. Most important thing and probably will determine the rest of your decisions for your graduation party is the budget. What is it going to be approximately? This will help with the rest of the questions.

2. Keeping in mind that there are a lot of stuff going on with family commitments and other festivities going on ask yourself what's the date, time and venue of your graduation party? Choose something that's going to be flexible to the graduates.

3. What kind of a party is it going to be? Remember the point before a lot might be going on so having a drop-in or open house party might help.

4. What's going to be on the menu? For high school students pizza and soda might be ok but for college graduates it might not cut it.

5. Who are you going to invite? This is where you can invite those close friends and family who attended the graduation ceremony and also other friends who couldn't attend. Plus classmates.

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Once you're done with the answers to those questions, you're pretty much ready. Get your invitations printed either at home or professionally and send them out with enough advance warning. Don't forget to put the date, time and venue of the party with a general idea of the dress code. Indicating whether there's going to be a meal or just appetizers and drinks will help a great deal.

Finally it's not complete without a Congrats! Cake for the graduation party so order one to share.

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