Thursday, March 22, 2007

Graduation Poem: Give me my degree and let me go!

Graduation quotes and graduation speeches are one thing but I made a search for graduation poems also. I thought It would add some spice to the regular speeches that people hear. I found what GRADUATION stands for in this poem from Poems for Free.

Give me my degree and let me go!
Release me from this prison of the mind!
All I know is all I want to know,
Depending on the wisdom of the wind.
Unburden me of words and numbers, please!
Allow me to hang out and do my thing.
To learn best, I should best be at my ease,
In touch with what in life makes my heart sing.
Open up the world so I can see
No further than I need to be just me.

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Isn't that neat GRADUATION poem? I like the first line. ^_^
Coming up -- graduating in March!

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