Monday, March 26, 2007

3 Quick Tips on Graduation Party Food

So you're planning a graduation party. It won't be complete without food. Here are quick simple tips for planning the food part of your graduation party --

1. When you plan the graduation party menu, think about the graduate(s). It is their hunger that you want to satisfy -- what is their taste? Choose the foods that they like. Nothing new and nothing odd enough that'll stand out from the rest of graduation parties. Remember that graduates want to fit in with their homies.

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2. Other graduation parties will most likely be going on at the same time. The graduates might be roaming about town so try and get the food into little bites like hors d'oeuvres. They might not be eating a whole lot, they'd just nibble here and there and head out again. Keep in mind it won't be a buffet but it's cool to give a wide range of food -- it is a graduation party. You can even ask the guests to bring some food that they've made.

3. I've written about having a cake at the graduation party -- which is like a tradition. instead of a huge cake, you can also have cookies, chocolate bars, mini cheesecakes and other dessert favorites. (Trust me they will be the best sellers.)

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